Is the samba Italy's national dance?

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No, the samba is not the national dance of Italy.

Specifically, the samba is the national dance of Brazil. It is a modern memorial to the enduring creative influences of African culture on Brazilian society. It is a lively dance that often may be seen spontaneously executed in the streets during Carnival and after such important cultural events as soccer matches.
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What is Italy's national dance?

There is no one dance that is considered the national dance of all Italy. Specifically, Italy is made up of a peninsula and islands. Different accents, customs and foods
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When is Samba dance performed?

Do you mean 'when', like,"the month of February", when it's CARNIVAL in Brasil? Otherwise, when SAMBA MUSIC is played! RIght ? And, that's 24 hours a day !
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What is samba the national dance of?

Samba is mostly recognized as one of the symbolic references to Brazil, located in South America. This particular style of dance is upbeat and is backed by an entire band of d