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Is the sun hidden behind the moon?

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except during a solar eclipse.
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Is the sun hidden behind the earth at night?

In a way, yes. The Sun is a million miles across, and 93 million miles away. The Earth is a ball covered with dirt and water. The ball spins. The Sun's light can only shine

Is the sun hidden by the moon at night?

No. It's not actually the sun that hides. It depends in the Earth's rotation. When it is daytime in the other side, it is nighttime in the other. When it's nighttime in the ot

If the moon does not have its own light and it reflects the light of sun then why does on the day of solar eclipse when the sun is behind the moon the moon appears to be black?

  Viewed from Earth the moon appears black during a solar eclipse because we are looking at the dark side of the moon where no sunlight is falling. The sunlight falls on

Does the sun is hidden behind the moon at night?

If your question is 'Does the Sun hide behind the Moon at night?' Then no, it doesn't. As the Earth rotates on its axis and orbits the sun, different parts of the Earth are ex