Is there a FM radio application for iPhone?

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Yes! a very good one i have and use is ootunes. You can get nearly every radio station through your internet, and its easy to use too.
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What is FM radio?

In general, FM radio refers to radio that is broadcast using FM, or frequency modulation, as its modulation scheme. Frequency modulation is the shifting of the frequency of th

Radio on iPhone?

Altough there is no radio application on the iPhone, you can download it. . with the "App Store" program in the iPhone, you can download an app that gives you the opportunit

AM radio and FM radio?

AM stands for amplitude modulation, while FM stands for frequency modulation. In AM, the amplitude (the height or depth of the crests or troughs) changes, while in FM, the fre

What do AM and FM on the radio stand for on the radio?

Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM) AM tuning changes the amplification size of the waves being received, FM tuning controls the frequency of the waves b

What is a iPhone application?

The iPhone is now much more than just a mobile phone. It has spearheaded a revolution in mobile computing. The runaway success of the Apple App Store is testimony to the fact

Can you change an AM radio to an FM radio?

Not easily enough to make it worthwhile. It's something like changing a Ford into a Lexus. You could do it, but it would be faster, easier, and cheaper to buy the Lexus, and

What are the iPhone applications?

iPhone applications are individual applications that do different things. Developers from across the world design and implement applications to do things like edit pictures, c
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Is FM radio an analog radio?

"FM" refers to the means by which information is impressed on an RF carrier wave. The form in which the information is coded or packaged doesn't matter. FM commercial bro
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What is an FM radio?

A radio that receives Frequency Modulated (FM) transmissions.