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No, it means the same thing. It's just a different transliteration/pronunciation of the same Hebrew word. The first is Sefardic pronunciation, and the second is Ashkenaz.
Similar to "Shabbat" vs. "Shabbos".
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Is manna and matzah the same thing?

No, manna was the "bread from the heavens" that the Israelites ate while wandering in the wilderness, and matzah was the unleavened bread that they made when leaving Egypt, an

What is the origin of the word 'matzah'?

Matzah is the official food of the Passover, steming from the creation of an unleavened bread that the Jewish people had to make in haste. As they were gathering up to leave E

Why are there matzos that are NOT for Passover?

During Pesach (Passover), the ownership and consumption of  chametz is strictly prohibited to Jews (Exodus ch.12); so  strictly that the penalty for doing so is karet, spiri

Is matzah healthy?

That depends on one's definition of healthy. Matzah is made from flour and water, that's it so it's neither healthy or unhealthy. Some attempts have been made to make matzah h

What is matzah?

Matzah (מצה) is the Hebrew word for Jewish unleavened bread made  with plain flour and water, and is associated with the Passover  feast because it lacks the leaven that

Why does matzah have those holes?

Matzah has holes to prevent it from puffing up as Jews are not supposed to eat any leavened or puffed bread. There is no symbolism behind the holes. The reason air pockets a

How did matzo get its name?

The name Matzo (or Matzah, or whatever) comes from the type of flour that is used. For Jews, during the week of Passover, no leavened breads are supposed to be eaten. Which me

What is matzo flour?

Matzo flour - or matzo meal - is flour used to make matzah, the cream-cracker-like unleavened bread eaten by many Jewish people and especially associated with Passover when Je

What does matzah represent?

When the Israelites escaped from Egypt, it happened so quickly that they didn't have time to let the dough for their bread rise. Instead, they baked the dough into flat cracke

Why must a matzah have holes in it?

The holes in matzah simply keep it from rising or becoming puffy. This is because the specification for Passover is that leavened and/or puffed bread is not allowed.

When did matzos originate?

  Matzah originated during the Jewish exodus from Egypt. The ten plagues got the Pharaoh to let the Jewish people go, and in their haste to leave they did not let their br
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Where can you get Passover Matzah?

If - like me - you live in an area with few or no other Jews, kosher-for-Passover matzah can be quite difficult to find. Some supermarkets stock them if there's even a small l