Is there a hex editor that can make the same edit on multiple files via batch?

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exists and is an alternate of . has a program called "Batch Hex Editor", check it out. Hope that is what you are looking for. It is free to try
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How do you make a batch file?

To create a batch file, click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.. Enter the commands you would like to execute.. Click on File > Save. When prompted for a file

How do you make a batch file to move files?

in your batch file type: Move (the directory or folder and the file) space (the directory you want it in) example: move "C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\text.txt" "C:\Use

How do you make a batch file that you can type on?

Well, here is your answer: type this on your notepad: @echo off title "your Title" color 0a set /p a="your question or whatever you want to ask" later if you want to view the

How do you create batch file to launch multiple websites?

OK well first you would need a webstie to open. Lets say it is google. This would be the script: ________________________ @echo off start start www.go

How do you make a menu in a batch file?

There are many ways to make menus with a batch script. This depends on how you want the menu to look and the user to interact with it. If you want a text based menu, that woul

How do you make a batch file that will disable a computer?

You can't "disable" a computer with something as simple as a batch file. You would need to learn a lot more about hacking, in a legal way. The most disabling a batch file

How do you make a batch file that talks to you?

1. Click on the Start Menu 2. Click on the Run command 3. Type in: cmd 4. Type in: help This should help you a lot with commands. Use: help for details on a certa

How do you get hex-editor?

go to and type in Hex editor neo (neo is better) and it should be the first on in the list of links and download it. yes it is safe to download my computer said so
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Can you edit characters stats in oblivion using hex editor?

Although I have only ever played TES IV: Oblivion on PS3, I assume you can if you're playing it on a PC. However, I would not recommend this, as you can seriously mess up your
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How do you use batch files to copy files from the same folder as the batch file?

Create a command script (or batch file) with the following commands: @echo off copy *.* Replace with the desired folder (may be relative to the current folder, or an expl
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How do you make a batch file run on startup?

Place a shortcut to the batch file in the Start-up folder in thestart menu. Note that each user has their own Start-up folder butthere's also an all-users start-up folder (the
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How do you make a batch file wait?

Use the 'pause' command. The pause command will make a "press any key to continue..." message. If you don't want this to show up, use "pause >nul". This will make the batch fi