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Yes, there are many lists of the worlds top 50 aggressive dogs. However, they are not reliable, as each writer has their own sources and opinions.
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Is a boxer on the aggressive dog list?

Boxer dogs are defiantly not on the aggressive dog list! They are such lovely dogs, i have one myself and they are wonderful with children. When they are playing with other do

Is there a list of aggressive dogs?

Sorry, no such list exists. Most experts in dog behavior and psychology agree that specific dog breeds aren't naturally aggressive - individual animals are made aggressive by

Where do pit bulls stand on the most aggressive dog list?

Please see the related links for more information on this very misunderstood breed of canines. They are normally aggressive only when trained to be aggressive. No more than an

List of the top 50 cosmetic brands?

see top 100 pdf, in the internet, johnson and johnson, (Clean and clear, Olay) estee louder, (aveda, clinique (!),) johnson and johnson, (aveeno, neutregena, RoC, johnsons) l

Is a dog the bordeaux on the aggressive dog list?

A dog is only aggressive if you train it to be aggressive The person is asking if they are on an aggressive list, not if they are aggressive. I have never seen them on any of

Is staffordshire terrier on the aggressive dog list?

  Loving toward people from just a few weeks of age, a proper Stafford is never shy or snarly. He is energetic and enthusiastic in everything he does and remains on alert,

What are the top 50 strongest dogs?

W didn't get all the 40 other dogs, but get 10 dogs memorized during Secondary School; Mastif Great Dane Bullmastiff Rottweiler Boberman Pinscher German Shepherd

What are the top 50 names for dogs?

A dog should be named something that fits the dog's personality  even if it is not on the top 50 names for dogs list. The following  is a list of the top names for boy and g

What are the top 10 most aggressive dogs?

10. Dalmatian Dalmatians are very protective dogs and can be aggressive towards humans. They are very active and need lots of exercise. They have very sensitive natures and a

What are the top 50 dog breeds?

According to the Dog Breed Info Centre, the Top 50 Most Popular Breeds of Dog are: Airedale Terrier Akita (American) Alaskan Malamute American Cocker Spaniel Australian Sheph