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Holiness, faith and purity. Also, as they bloom in the spring they can express the idea of rebirth.
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How do you store Calla lilly bulbs?

Just the same as tulips or daffodils ,when they finish flowering allow them to dry off and store in a cool frost free place until Spring.

What does the flower lilly mean?

The meaning of the lily flower is peace, hope, innocence, andrenewal. The lily also represents motherhood, care, and nurturing

How do you care for a calla lilly plant?

Calla lilies are easy to care for. Calla lilies grow best in loose,well-drained soil in full or partial shade. Calla lilies should beplanted in spring, when all danger of fros

Calla lilly family?

The calla lily is a flowering plant in the Araceae, family. Callalily's are native to cool temperate regions of the NorthernHemisphere.

Is a lilly a flower?

A calla is actually a flower like herb with a bell shaped leaf that is nearly always mistaken for the plant's flower. The calla's flowers are actually the small blossoms insid

Is a calla lily a perennial flower?

Yes Calla (Zantedeschia) is a perennial, but seasonal flower bulb. There are two types of Calla summer and winter flowering; winter flowering are the common white ones (Zanted

How do you remove dead flowers off a calla lilly?

Just snip them with a sharp knife or scissor. The plant will be unaffected and will likely reward you with another in short order. I have over 30 growing up my walkway that mu
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What season do Calla Lillies blossom?

Calla Lilies typically bloom in May and June. However, they can often be incited to bloom at other times of the year by raising them in a greenhouse and controlling the photo
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Where can one find pictures of white Calla Lilly flowers?

One can find pictures of white Calla Lily flowers at Flowers Pacific Callas, Foto Search, Color Calla Lilies and FTD. Other good places where one can find pictures of white Ca