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If you are the biological parent then you must support your child until they reach eighteen years of age. There are very few ways to avoid your responsibility. Consider the following.

  • If you don't have an income source you could petition the court for a temporary modification of the support order. Of course that would only be until your financial situation changes.
  • If you feel that the child is not yours you need to have paternity test taken.
  • Obtain custody of the child.
  • If the childs other parent is married then consider allowing their spouse to legally adopt the child.
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What age can you stop paying child support in Georgia?

The duty to pay child support stops at age 18 except when the child has not yet finished high school, and in that case it will continue until the child completes high school,

What age do you stop paying child support in the state of Texas?

  In Texas, when the child graduates from High School. So if you have more then one child, when the last child that you have graduates from High School is when the child s

What age do you stop paying child support in Texas?

Child support in Texas ends when the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school whichever comes LAST. Additionally, if the child marries or becomes emancipated

How to stop paying child support on a child that is not mine?

Child support should stop automatically when the court who issued the support order receives proof that you are not the father. If it doesn't stop automatically for some reaso

What happens to your ex husband if he stops paying child support?

If he stops paying child support you have to file a motion for contempt at the court that issued the order. Courts have many ways to collect child support arrears. They can at

When do you stop paying child support?

Child support laws vary from state to state and separation agreements between the parties can result in child support orders that go beyond state laws. The obligated parent

What do you do if child's father stops paying child support?

Well my dad left 6 months ago and said he wants nothing to do with us but my mom started getting benefits on top of what she gets from her job :) I suggest that you contact y
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What happens to your ex- hsuband if he stops paying child support?

At the request of the custodial parent or to recover assistance provided, the State may take various actions to collect past-due support, including garnishing wages, intercept

In California when do you have to stop paying child support?

When the court says you can. You have a right to file a motion to stop when the child turns age 18, unless the child is handicap. see links below ---------------------------