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If you are the biological parent then you must support your child until they reach eighteen years of age. There are very few ways to avoid your responsibility. Consider the following.

  • If you don't have an income source you could petition the court for a temporary modification of the support order. Of course that would only be until your financial situation changes.
  • If you feel that the child is not yours you need to have paternity test taken.
  • Obtain custody of the child.
  • If the childs other parent is married then consider allowing their spouse to legally adopt the child.
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When do you stop paying child support?

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How can you stop paying child support?

If you are asking how, as a non-custodial parent, you can end the requirement that you pay support for your child, the answer lies in your support agreement and/or state law.

Is there a way to stop having to pay child support if you have cousty of your kids?

it is a very simple answer, BE PATIENT ! , and do not let anyone especially a lawyer tell you differently, i went thru this and it is your right to exercise you rights as an A

Can you stop paying child support?

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When the court says you can. You have a right to file a motion to stop when the child turns age 18, unless the child is handicap. see links below --------------------------