Is there any one who has a vacuum hose diagram for a 1988 Toyota pickup 22Re 4x4?

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Try They have a good "Emissions" section, that breaks down into componets. They don't have everything ever invented, but they have the biggest slection of vacuum diagrams, all on one site, that I have ever found.
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Where do each of the vacuum hoses go on a Toyota 22RE engine?

22RE Vaccum Hoses . The best thing would be to get a vacuum schematic. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM.. You might also try to obtain an original Toyota workshop manual for the

Where can you find an on-line source to see a diagram of how to reconnect the vacuum hoses of a 1985 Toyota 22re rn60 vin 4x4 reg cab pick-up?

Answer . \nYou can try It is affiliated with autozone There are a lot of diagrams in the diy section Just read through it and answer the questions It will sh

Where is the fuel pump on a 88 TOYOTA pickup 4x4 22re?

It's inside the fuel tank, you need to drop the tank in order to gain access to it. You can also pull the bed off. This is actually the easier option because you will easily h

How do you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 1988 jeep limited?

For the answer to this and hundreds of other Jeep related questions, you might want to join an online Forum like JeepsUnlimited Forums or JeepForum (Google it!). They have hug

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1988 Toyota 22RE Pickup engine?

My experience is with an 87 pickup with 22RE, should be the same..... Facing the engine from the front of the truck, the fuel filter is "conveniently" located on the left (pa

Why would you not be able to set the timing correctly on a 1988 Toyota pickup 22RE engine?

Worn timing chain. Incorrect oil pump (timing tab). The harmonic balancer has broken free on its rubber mount (twisted). The throttle positioner is out of adjustment. refer

Where can I get a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1985 Nissan pickup with a 2.4 4x4 with 5 sp tran?

Todays your lucky day, I have a 85 also,go to,enter your vehicles info and get registered so you can use repair on repair info at top,then to lower le