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Kenmore 80 series electric dryer repair manual?

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There are several types of manuals available for this type appliance. User manuals can be found at Kenmore.com The diy repair materials are available in paper format only from various sources, such as amazon.com. For reference to PDF service manual for gas and electric Kenmore dryers see http://www.allrepairmanuals.com/Kenmore-dryer.htm you will need to have appliance model number (it is not series 80). The model number can be found behind the door of your unit.
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Where can you get a user manual for a Kenmore dryer?

  Answer   Usually if you take the model number and serial number (just in case) to the certified kenmore repair shop in your area you can usually order one. I have

Kenmore series 80 dryer not turning?

There are many reasons a dryer is not turning on. First make sure  the plug has not gotten loose and check the breaker. If it was  neither of those call a repair man.

Kenmore 80 series gas dryer no heat?

Simplest solution would be the igniter or glow bar at the burner or the sparker if it has that. You should be able to take off the lower panel or there is a site plug that wil