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List four characteristics of contour lines?

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List the four essential characteristics of a state?

The four essential characteristics of a state are population,  territory, sovereignty and government.

List four characteristics of a mammal?

1. Mammals give birth to their young. 2. Mammals are warm blooded. 3. Mammals have hair on their bodies. 4. Mammals feed their young with milk.

What do the numbers on the contour lines show?

The numbers on contour lines show the different elevations. Lets say one contour line says it has 1450 elevation. That means it is on the highest peak. When you see other numb

What is the definition of a contour line?

  Answer   the lines on a map that detail changes in elevation   contour line   A contour line is a line on a map that connects points of equal elevation

What is a contour line?

Put simply, a contour is a line connecting points of equal elevations on the ground surface. The corresponding line on the map is called a contour line. Alternatively, contour

List four characteristics common to all seed plants?

All seed plants have vascular tissue and seeds to reproduce. In addition they all have body plans that includes leaves, stems, and roots.

List the four characteristics of a Nation State?

Some characteristics of a Nation State include the following:     Self rule  Organized government  Territory  Population  

What are contour lines?

They show how steep a landform is. A contour line also is a  function of two variables in a curve which has a constant value.

What are contour intervals and contour lines?

  Acontour line (also level set, isopleth, isoline, isogram or isarithm) of a function of two variables is a curve along which the function has a constant value.[1] In car

What are the characteristics of contour?

One of the characteristics of contour is that the variation of the  vertical distance between any of the two contour lines are usually  assumed to be uniform. The other char