Multi vitamin with no vitamin k?

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K Free Daily is available. I'm on a blood thinner and started taking k Free Daily. It's great. I think the people who created it are pharmacists.
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What is the best multi-vitamin?

They are all the same: Too much buffer to be effective. Eat properly and skip the pills.

What is the best multi vitamin for men?

I personally like Aceso Ultimate Daily Balance. I bought it because the ingredients are natural and easily digestible. I also recommend Six Nutrition because it's formulated t

What is the chemical name for multi-vitamins?

There is no standard chemical name for multi-vitamins. They are a combination of lots of different chemicals, and there are lots of different mixes. Vitamin C is L-ascorbate

What is the best multi-vitamin for women?

The best women's mufti-vitamins are those that are derived from whole foods. They contain the co-factors that vitamins need to work right in the body and are complete vitamins

Is centrum multi-vitamin chelated?

I looked over their supplement facts, and No, centrum does not chelate their vitamins and minerals. Chelation of individual nutrients is rather expensive, so most cheaper mult

Can you give a dog a multi-vitamin?

First of all, its vitamin not vitiam!!! Well although i am not a vet. I suggest no. it maybe ok but then again you dont want to put your pooch in danger!! Remember pets are ep

What is multi vitamins?

Multivitamins is a contraction of "Multiple Vitamins" and they are exactly that. They contain varied amounts of different vitamins, depending on formulation they can contain A

Do multi vitamins work?

This depends on what you mean by work. If you mean in helping maintain a healthy level of vitamins and minerals in the body yes they do work, but they will not achieve anythin

Can multi vitamins make you nauseous?

I do not believe that coated multi vitamins would make one nauseous unless an individual took more than one a day.

Why do multi vitamins cause nausea?

A multivitamin contains some nutrients that should not be taken on an empty stomach. That could be the reason nausea is experienced. To avoid that, take vitamins with food.

Does multi vitamins interfere with coumadin?

Vitamin K is the antidote to coumadin. Taking a regular dose of multivitamins will probably not interfere with the clinical effect of coumadin, but it is all a question of the