My baby's head accidentally dropped at the floor and i heard a hard impact she cried but no bumps. after a minute shes ok but im still worried is that safe for my baby?

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take her to the ER to get a brain scan. i would guess not but i would go just to make sure.
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Is a bump on the lower back of a baby's head normal?

It depends on where the lump is. My baby had two lumps on the bottom back of her head where the glands are back there and when I took her to the doctor he said that when the b


It depends on what the bump is like. It's always best to have a doctor take a look. It's probably fine, but better safe than sorry you know.. IN ADDITION: . Its normal for

What is the small hard bump on baby's head?

Sometimes a baby's lymph nodes may become swollen. When enlarged,the bump can be small and very hard. In order to rule out anythingserious, talk to a pediatrician.

Hard bump on back of head?

If you are referring to the bone at the base of your skull where your skull meets your first vertabrae then it is called the occipital bone or atlas. If you have bumped the b

Is it serious if a baby bumps his head?

Probably not. I was holding my 6 month old son in my arms as I sat in a rocking chair. He suddenly jerked in my arms and fell to the floor, hitting his head on the carpet, w

What if you hit your head really hard and do not get a bump are you still in danger of having a concussion?

Yes, you could have a mild concussion. If you had a momentary loss of consciousness, or had that feeling for a minute that your brains got scrambled, you need to see your doct
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Why does your head get a bump after you hit your head hard?

It is called a bruise or contusion, and is caused by blood vessels bursting under the skin due to the impact, forming a bulge. They happen more easily on the head because t