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Name at least 8 powers reserved for congress?

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most important : right to declare war!
they can also levy taxes, the necessary and proper (elastic) clause, regulate commerce, regulate trade, establish a military, copyright and patent laws and govern washington DC
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Which states have the least representatives in Congress?

In the 112th Congress, seven states and the District of Columbia each have only one member in the House of Representatives; Rhode Island, which is the smallest state in land m

What is the constitutional basis for the reserved powers?

The reserved powers clause is just another name for the 10th  Amendment to the Constitution. It states that "the powers not  delegated to the United States by the Constituti

Name four powers congress has?

Regulate trade amongst the states, collect taxes, declare war,  borrow money.

Name 4 powers congress has?

1. The ability to pass laws 2. the power to impeach 3. the power to veto a presidents bill 4. to vote something unconstitutional

Name one power denied congress?

In section 9 of Article 1, Section 2 denies Congress the right to suspend people's right to the writ of habeas corpus, except in times of rebellion or invasion. This means tha

Is Congress the most or least powerful branch of government?

All the branches of the government are supposed to be equal to terms of power due to checks and balances created by the founding fathers. Congress can be extremely powerful if

Name two powers of congress?

Congress can also propose amendment to the Constitution and allow new states to become part of the United States..

What are the powers of Congress?

Here is a pretty comprehensive list (there are like 66 specificallygranted powers to the congress, by the articles, and amendments") :Enumerated Powers to Congress by Original

What powers does congress have?

1. The shall the power to : lay and collect 2. To borrow money from of usa 3. To regulate commerce with foreign nation 4. To establish a uniform of naturalization 5.

What are the reserved power of Congress?

To borrow money on the credit of the United States;  To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;  To establish an un

Reserved powers are those powers reserved for?

Reserved powers are those powers reserved for not reserved for- but  granted to the states. The definition of reserved powers: All  powers not expressed in the Constitution

Which branch of government has reserved powers?

The legislative branch of government has reserved powers set forth  in the Constitution of the United States. The legislative branch  can make new laws that citizens must fo