Should public school have prayer?

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  • Separation of church and state. If you say yes, what prayers should be said? Hindu, Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Satanists, etc?
  • Yes, because prayer is good for creation of a good, peaceful, tolerant, co-operating people in society. Children should grow up learning ethics .
  • Prayer is talking to God. Each school should make its own prayer to be said in the assembly or in the class, addressing God as God, then it would be acceptable to people of all religions. Prayer should be said before every hour or period in the school. Also prayer shouldn't be mechanical. Ask children to pray with their whole heart.
  • Public schools should allow porn. Everyone carries around loose change that says on it, 'In God we trust', but they cant pray. It makes no sense.
  • No. If prayer is allowed, then all prayers of all religion should be said. There are thousands of different religions, gods & goddesses. If they do this, there won't be any more time for students to do what is there for them to do, study.
  • Its not like they are going to pray all day 24/7. Just for their food and whatever they feel they need to pray for. I think they should be able to pray. Prayer is a good thing.
  • No, because its church and state. For those who say yes, what if the people who don't believe in God are faced with school prayer?? Isn't that a little unfair??

  • Also, people can pray in School, it just cant be mandated publicly.

  • Students are allowed to pray in school. What the Supreme Court has held unconstitutional is school-sponsored prayer or religious activity in the public schools. Public schools are supported by taxes, which makes them agents of the government. The Constitution forbids the government from establishing religion as a protection against the creation of an official state religion like the England had at the time of the US Revolutionary War.

    It's important to respect people of all faiths or of no faith; their beliefs are as worthy of protection as anyone's. The Supreme Court found that school-led prayer and bible study violated students' freedom of religion because it forced some people to participate in activities against their own faith.

    You can pray in school. That right is protected under the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause. Just don't force other people to adopt your beliefs and practices.
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