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Milk During Pregnancy

Milk should be approached with caution, especially during pregnancy. Most dairy cows are treated with growth hormones to get them to supply to unnecessary demand. Pasteurized milk destroys the good bacteria in the human body and hinders the development of immunity. This is especially important for pregnant women because the body is so focused on feeding the fetus that the mother is more susceptible infection and illness. If you insist on drinking milk - cow or otherwise, be sure to consume high quality probiotics - not the junk found in Activa Yogurt, but the kind found in the fridge at the health food store, and make sure it is at least 20 billion plus per capsule. Also, if you insist on drinking milk make sure it is organic from a reliable source.

There are far better calcium alternatives available that do not put expectant mothers at risk.
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Is it safe to drink soy milk while pregnant?

Answer   Very likely, yes. The only theoretical concerns with soymilk lie in the fact that soy is high in isoflavones and phyto-estrogens, plant hormones which act as wea

Is it safe to drink milk shakes while pregnant?

Yes, presuming the milk is fresh and has beenproperly refrigerated. The main concerns with dairy products in pregnancy relates to soft cheeses, such as ricotta and feta. These

Should you drink slim fast while youre pregnant?

No reason why you shouldn't. It is full of vitamins and minerals. It should not be the only source of nourishment, one needs to eat a healthy diet.

Should you smoke or drink while you are pregnant?

No! Please do not!!! Never smoke or drink while you are pregnant or may become pregnant. As a result of that your baby could be harmed! Your baby could have serious birth defe

Can you drink milk while on amoxicillin?

You can take amoxicillin without regards to milk.

What kind of milk should drink while pregnant?

It seems to prudent to know your reasons for drinking milk in the first place first. One major reason that many are to to drink milk whether or not your pregnant is that many

Can you drink milk while you are fasting?

well to answer this question it depends on what type of fasting u are doing. Typically u are not able to drink milk because it is a dairy product and in some cultures it is no

Should you drink a drink called white Russian while you are pregnant?

White Russian is an alcoholic drink and SHOULD BE AVOIDED during pregnancy. Alcohol causes many birth defects. Exposing the baby to alcohol during your pregnancy increases the

Is it dangerous to drink coconut milk while pregnant?

It is perfectly fine to drink coconut milk while pregnant. Coconut milk is an excellent source of electrolytes. In fact, it is so good, and generally sterile, that fresh cocon
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What should you eat and drink while pregnant?

What you eat and drink while pregnant is very important. Getting  enough folic acid, vitamins and calories are all an important part  of the babies development. Eating fresh