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Should you forgive your husband if he only confessed to cheating after you told him he had given you an STD?

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A man who cheats and infects his spouse with a potentially fatal disease is an animal of the most careless and cruel nature. The mere thought of it sickens me. Leave this louse if you can or at the very least, tell him to keep his slimy, disease ridden paws off of you!
I agree, if a spouse cheats to get a divorce  
Anyway, this is my thought:
Forgive him...then leave him. Forgiving doesn't mean ignoring!! Forgive him for the STD, forgive him for cheating on you, leave him for being a jerk: for being selfish and endangering your life.  
l dont know if yes or no but everything i know is that i am small and that if he dares to cheat on me i swear i would leave him and i would not forgive him would he forgive us NO  
Of course you should forgive. It states in the Bible to forgive. If you don't forgive, then you wont be able to move on.
You should always forgive, but the fact of the matter is, you shouldn't disregard it just because he is your husband. So what? He didn't think about that when he was sleepin around with Tina and Pam and brought you back a disease. Leave him...and be careful with whom you trust again  
Forget about the bible. A cheater remains a cheater and if a husband is careless enough to give you an STD, his time is over. Get a divorce unless you want to be the doormat for a pathetic liar.
Forgive? Sure, why not? Then sue the jerk into covering the costs for medical treatment of the potentially fatal disease he transmitted to you. It never hurts to let the ill will go, but he should assume responsibility for endangering your health through his infidelity.
It depends when and why he did it. Youre the only one that can answer this because you have to deal with this later on. But one thing though, you didn't deserved to have this transmitted deasease. No one does but unfortunately he never thought of you. Ask yourself if you can really stay with him after the affair he did.

Think about you now, there's a lot of decent man out there for you. Never loose your faith, God is always with you and He wants you to do the right thing.
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