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Should you replace your old copper plumbing in your swimming pool with PVC?

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Should you swim in pool if you have a heat rash?

Yeah you should be fine. I have heat rash and i swim in my pool all the time. Just don't stay in the pool for over an hour straight. You should come out and take about a 15 mi

How often should you backwash swimming pool?

You should backwash a swimming pool filtration system (sand or de) when the pool system needs it. You will be able to tell it is time by a number of factors.. When the system

Instruction on how to use copper sulfate in swimming pools?

  Answer by TS   First of all I'm not a pool expert, but I've owned a pool for a bought 25 yrs. I live in Ohio and I have a 20,000 gallon vinyl liner pool with a san

Why should schools have swimming pools?

Schools should have swimming pools because they can learn new things like CPR and how to swim, they can express themselves by having new hobbies, and can stay healthy by havin

How much does it cost to replace the plumbing on a 20x40 inground pool?

About 2.6 million dollars as there is sold bed rock to remove and the blasting will cost several hundred thousand dollars then there is the EPA and environmental impact studie

Can you use copper sulfate in swimming pools?

yes, just don't use too much I would not recommend using copper sulphate in a pool. It is an algaecide but it stains pools and is what causes hair to turn green. There are be

Should you drain your swimming pool?

It is very unusual to have to drain a swimming pool. the water in a pool can be used for years. even it it seems absolutely filthy as a result of neglect it is often a simple

How to replace PVC coping on in-ground pool?

Assuming we are not talking about a vinyl pool. The PVC strip above the tile, below the coping is there to form a seal. It's porpous is to keep water from seeping behind the b
In Masonry

Should school have a swimming pool?

Yes, It gives people a chance to express their inner swimming. Those who love swimming should swim and those who don't have swimming pool should be able to swim at school. Tho

How to Replace a section of copper plumbing pipe?

Assuming it is 15mm. Buy 2 15mm couplers (compression, push fit, pre-soldered or end feed) and a length of 15mm copper pipe. Chop the copper pipe that needs replacing and conn