Social issues in advertising?

Social advertising is the use of advertising to inform the public about a social issue or to influence their behavior.
While social advertising campaigns are often successful in raising awareness, they are typically unsuccessful in producing long-term behavior change of the type that can be achieved through the use of social marketing. Social advertising may, however, form a part of a social marketing intervention.

By Nitish MJMC, Patna University
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Is advertising a social waste?

advertisement a social waste _ before defining this one should be very clear with the point what advertisement means. Advertisement in a brief sense is a medium to send the pr (MORE)
In Racism

Why is racism a social justice issue?

- Racism is a social justice issue because it involves discriminating, teasing, killing, torturing and totally destroying confidence in people because of who they are. Racism (MORE)

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  Advertisements that promote a community's health and well being, such as programs that educate people about drugs, diseases and other social issues.  Media messages de (MORE)

What are the social issues concerning obesity?

If a person is obese they are more likely to be 'bullied' or 'made fun of' by other people and may often feel like an outsider. Small children who do not fully understand abou (MORE)

How do social advertisement promote national integration?

In the interest of national health, The health Ministry carries advertisements on the radio, TV, newspaper and billboards around cities or nationwide. This spreads the knowled (MORE)