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take care (of something) = prendre soin (de quelque chose)
take care (kind of farewell) = au revoir, salut
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What is 'take care' in French?

Literally, the translation of 'take care' into French is 'prendre soin'. The infinitive 'prendre' means 'to take'. And the noun 'soin' means 'care'.  But accurate translation

How do you pronounce goodbye and take care in french?

Goodbye in French, au revoir, is pronounced "o rev-WAAR," with the emphasis on the second syllable of which the a sound is spoken long -- as in the exclamation "Aaargh!" The r

How do you say take care of siblings in french?

"Garder mon frere*" - take care of my brother "Garder mes freres" - take care of my brothers "Garder ma soeur" - take care of my sister "Garder mes soeurs" - take care of my s