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take care (of something) = prendre soin (de quelque chose)
take care (kind of farewell) = au revoir, salut
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How do you say take care in Philippines?

"Take care" can be translated with the verb root "ingat" (pronouned "ING - aht"). Different verb forms can mean "to care for" or "to take care of". "Ingat" can be used as a s

How do you take care for cats?

  cats are some of the easiest animals to taake care of. Clean there water bowl once a day. give them fresh water twice a day. leave food out for them to eat(or feed them

How do you say you don't care in french?

There are many expressions for "I don't care" in French. Here are some: First the most polite version: Ça m'est égal. -- "sah may tay-gahl" These are slang (but not vu

How do you take care of surface piercing?

Surface piercings are really tricky. I'd suggest unscrewing the ends to the surface bar, spraying the piercing with H2Ocean, and cleaning off the dried skin with a q-tip :) I'

How do you take care of a pill bug?

Get any type of see through jar and fill it up with a few centimeters of moist (not wet) sand. Next, insert your pill bugs. Carefully place rough twigs, bark pieces, rock, etc

Take care always in french?

Faites attention toujours.

How do you take care of a fuzzy mouse?

I've taken care of them twice before, for fuzzy mice if it's eyes aren't open yet you need to feed it every 3-4 hours feed it kitten or puppy formula, soy milk or what I use i

How to take care of a cricket?

I have a pet cricket too. I saved it from my science class. I put him in a plastic fish tank with dirt and sand. You can feed him fish food flakes or you can feed him veggies

Why is it important to take care of your heart?

If you don't take care of it, you won't be able to live. Since it pumps all your blood from your head to your toes.

How do you say i care in french?

  It depends on the meaning. I care for my plants. -> Je m'occupe de mes plantes vertes. I care about my brother. -> J'ai de l'affection pour mon frère. On the othe

How do you pronounce goodbye and take care in french?

Goodbye in French, au revoir, is pronounced "o rev-WAAR," with the emphasis on the second syllable of which the a sound is spoken long -- as in the exclamation "Aaargh!" The r

How do you take care of a miniature turtle?

Miniature turtle? That doesn't really tell us anything about the  species...there is no such type of turtle as a "miniature turtle".  Turtle species all have very unique nee