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take care (of something) = prendre soin (de quelque chose)
take care (kind of farewell) = au revoir, salut
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How do you take care of stray kittens?

Depending on if you are taking them in or leaveing them as an outdoor cat. Outdoor cats~ make sure they always have fresh food and water or milk outside for them. Preferably

How do you say you don't care in french?

There are many expressions for "I don't care" in French. Here are some: First the most polite version: Ça m'est égal. -- "sah may tay-gahl" These are slang (but not vu

How do you say take care of siblings in french?

"Garder mon frere*" - take care of my brother "Garder mes freres" - take care of my brothers "Garder ma soeur" - take care of my sister "Garder mes soeurs" - take care of my s

How do you say i care in french?

  It depends on the meaning. I care for my plants. -> Je m'occupe de mes plantes vertes. I care about my brother. -> J'ai de l'affection pour mon frère. On the othe

How do you pronounce goodbye and take care in french?

Goodbye in French, au revoir, is pronounced "o rev-WAAR," with the emphasis on the second syllable of which the a sound is spoken long -- as in the exclamation "Aaargh!" The r

Do fireflies take care of their babies?

No. The female firefly lays its fertilized eggs on the ground or  just below the ground and goes its own way. A few weeks later, the  eggs hatch. The baby fireflies (called