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take care (of something) = prendre soin (de quelque chose)
take care (kind of farewell) = au revoir, salut
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How do you say take care in Philippines?

"Take care" can be translated with the verb root "ingat" (pronouned "ING - aht"). Different verb forms can mean "to care for" or "to take care of". "Ingat" can be used as a s

What doctors take care of babies?

the doctors that take care of babies is called a pediatrician. you could get mixed up with a nurse and a pediatrician but the difference is that a nurse doesn't only take care

How do horses take care of foals?

The mother knows naturally how to take care of her foal, she knows it has to suckle from her and she knows she has to teach it how to walk and take care of itself.

How do you say take care in Finnish?

Take care is "Pidä huolta." in Finnish.   If you want to say take care of yourself, then it's "Pidä huolta itsestäsi."

How do you pronounce goodbye and take care in french?

Goodbye in French, au revoir, is pronounced "o rev-WAAR," with the emphasis on the second syllable of which the a sound is spoken long -- as in the exclamation "Aaargh!" The r