The movement of coolant and the flow of heat when a heat pump is used to cool a building?

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Can you install a heat exchanger on an existing heat pump that will allow you to heat your pool while cooling your home?

Yes, you can, but you will probably have to design and fabricate it yourself as I am not aware of any commercially available kits to help you accomplish this task. What you are asking for is not unreasonable. It makes perfect sense to use the heat that is extracted from your house to heat the pool w (MORE)

Is there a optimal flow rate for maximum heat transfer when using a heat pump?

Answer . \nYes there is an optimum flow rate. Kind of! The heat pump manufacturer will post on the internet or in the users guide what the maximum and mimimum flow rate through his heat pump should be. I take it that the optimum then, is anywhere within that range. My pump manufacturer prescri (MORE)

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a heating system that applies the principle of refrigeraation to heating homes. These principles are: 1. when a gas is quickly compressed, it's temperature rises; 2. when a gas is allowed to expand suddenly it's temperature fallls; 3. when a liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat; and 4. (MORE)

What does heat flow from?

Heat Transfer is the study of how heat flows through objects. Any object that has temperature wants to dissipate it into surrounding objects and to colder objects. If the surrounding objects or air is at the same temperature, then heat will not flow. Some materials conduct heat more than others. Hea (MORE)

Why low temp rise in cooling mode of heat pump?


What is heat pump?

A Heat pump is a air conditioning/heating system that utilizes a reversing valve in the refrigerant circut that reverses the flow, and brings the heat in side the home from outdoors

Geothermal pumps can be used for heating or cooling?

Geothermal (ground source) heating systems are a very rapidly growing technology in the residential / commercial heating and cooling market. Even though it does cost a little bit more in the beginning to install rather than traditional HVAC system it repays itself quickly because of its low maintena (MORE)

How Does Heating From A Heat Pump Work?

The heart of the heat pump is the Copeland scroll compressor. The compressor continuously pumps the ozone safe refrigerant from the outside coils to the inside coils. The refrigerant carries the heat with it to be released inside the house. Then the warm air is circulated throughout the home by the (MORE)

Heat pump with heat on for about an hour then cool air comes on. Why?

well im a hcac student and from what i know from heat pumps if its cold out side and you turn ur heatpump to heat it sends the cold air out side. if it runs too long the outside coil will start to freeze over, there is a thermometer out side that notices this change and will send the system into a d (MORE)

What size house can a heat pump with a 3.5 ton compress heat and cool?

You should have an HVAC company perform a Manual J load calculation done on your home. for the best sizing . The old way here in the south USA dictates 3.5 tons cooling served most homes from 1500-1700 sq ft. depending on variables. BE CERTAIN get the Manual J calc. for best results. Tom H. ,HVA (MORE)

Why is a heat pump able to heat and cool the same building?

A heat pump is an air conditioner working in reverse. When the unit is in cooling mode, it moves heat from the interior to the exterior. When the unit is in heat mode, it moves heat from the exterior to the interior. In most cases, the thermostat controls the necessary components that perform the (MORE)

Explain the sequence of events that cause the movement of the plates on the earths surface use these terms core heat mantle flow rise sideways drag cools?

First the heat below the mantle makes even the solid part of themantle flow very slowly as though it were very thick liquid. thehot rising part of the mantle cools as it nears the crust. as thecooling mantle moves sideways it drags along the plate floating ontop of it. the arrows show the cooled man (MORE)

The what law of thermodynamics states it is impossible for heat to flow from a cool object to a warmer object?

The second law of thermodynamics states "energy systems have a tendency to increase their entropy rather than decrease it." This can also be stated as "heat can spontaneously flow from a higher-temperature region to a lower-temperature region, but not the other way around." Heat can appear to flow f (MORE)

Should you use the heat pump in the winter?

Heat pumps are much more efficient than they used to be. For example a 3 ton 13 SEER heat pump today can generate 22,000 btu's of heat even at 32 degrees. Compare that with heat pumps 15 - 20 years ago where you were lucky to get 10,000 btu's at the same temperature. So yes, run your heat pump all w (MORE)

What units are used to measure heat flow?

BTU/hr . A British Thermal Unit is: 1. The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water from 60° to 61°F at a constant pressure of one atmosphere.. 2. The quantity of heat equal to 1 / 180 of the heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water (MORE)

What are heat pumps used for?

A heat pump is a central air conditioner that uses a reversing switch to operate in reverse; the way the air conditioner works in the summer. If you went to the big fan unit (condenser) outside your house during the summer, you would notice, it blows hot air from the fan . Heat pumps are used to p (MORE)

How does a heat pump use freon to heat?

A valve is used to reverse the flow of freon. In the heat mode, the high or hot side gas is pumped to the indoor unit, The low or cold side is pumped to the outdoor unit. The valve is reversed for the cool mode. Pumping cool gas to the indoor unit and hot gas to the outdoor unit.

Which type of heat exchanger is used for cooling?

There are some special rules associated with heat transfer . The first is there is no such thing as cooling, .. removal of heat is a relative cooling process from the initial temperature's difference of beginning and ending temp is the relative change. the second is rigidity in expansion ...If not c (MORE)

How do you build a tree house with heating and cooling?

The easiest way to build a tree house with heating and cooling, is to build the tree house completely sealed, (By building the structure really tightly and then coating it with something that's air proof.) and then get the tree-house access to electricity and an air-conditioner. If you cannot do tha (MORE)

What is an air heat pump used for?

An air heat pump is used to heat and cool your home. It is like an air conditioner in the warmer months but then can also heat your home if the outside temperature is above freezing.

Why won't heat pump cool?

i set my thermostat to cool, my heat pump start it go to heat but not cool, i think the thermostat. can u help.

How heat pump used to heat the building?

Imagine a window AC unit installed backwards, rejecting heat indoors while air conditioning the world, this is a heat pumps heat mode. As the unit is air conditioning in the cool outdoors eventually the outdoor coil will ice up requiring a defrost cycle, defrost is the AC mode except the outdoor fan (MORE)

Where in the house is a heat pump used?

A heat pump is often used in air conditioning units and refrigerators because a heat pump is used to transfer heat from one place to another. Often heat pumps are used to remove heat from a building

What are the uses of a ductless heat pump?

Ductless heat pumps operate in the same way as regular heat pumps. However it is easier to install for quality heating and cooling that works quietly with no extra noise.

Is it easier to heat and cool round buildings?

Haeting and cooling round buildings depends on the system and howit performs. Heating and cooling systems are not any easier toinstall in round buildings but are able to keep the environmentcool or warm.

Do heating and cooling chillers use freon?

"Freon" is a trademark name of the the DuPont Corporation for aseries of CFC and HFC refrigerants manufactured and marketed bythem - thus, it's only actually Freon if it's manufactured by themand marketed by that name. They all use some form of refrigerant, but not all of them use CFCor HFC refriger (MORE)

Should a heat pump cool below 59 degrees?

A heat pump generally has a max temperature change of 20 degrees F.If air entering the return duct is 90, it will not be cooler than70 on the discharge side, Below 60, it is working against theinsulation and air infiltration into the house. It is an airconditioner, not a deep freeze. Remember that a (MORE)