To what age does a boy's height increase?

Most people usually stop growing after a certain age. The age most women usually stop growing is 21 while for men it is 25. That is it occurs shortly after puberty. However, these calculations are not unchangeable. For women until 25 and for men until 27 to 30 it is possible to continue growing through certain physical activities, exercises, right diet, and other things which are important for human body's growth. These activities make growing taller possible even for those people whose heights have stopped growing ago.
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Is it possible to increase height after 18 years of age?

Apart from surgical intervention, it is not usually possible to increase height after puberty. For more information about increasing height, see the page link, further down th (MORE)
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What is the maximum age to increase height?

It varies from individual to individual.When human attain full bone maturity further increase in height not possible.This ae varies in girls and boys and is usually the the la (MORE)
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How do you increase height at the age of 16?

No way to do it. Only time and genetics will determine how tall you will become. You're not fully done growing until you are 21. You can, however, stunt your growth by drinkin (MORE)