Top ten busiest ambulance in the US?

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08C in manhattan was the busiest ambulance in the US according to a firehouse magazine national run survey
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What are the top ten busiest airports in the US?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, GA . Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, CA . O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL . Dallas/Fo

Which are the top ten Universities Of US?

Harvard Princeton Yale MIT Stanford California Institute of Technology University of Pennsylvania Columbia University Duke University University of Chicago

What are the top ten busiest seaports in the US?

According to the most current statistics I was able to find, I determined the four top US seaports to be: New York City , New York; Boston , Massachusetts; Houston , Texas;

What are the top 25 busiest airports in the US?

Atlanta, GA (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International) ATL 2 30,407,111 1 41,659,180 1 40,561,055 33.4 -2.6. Chicago, IL (Chicago O'Hare International) ORD 1 30,526,401 2 34,

Top 100 Busiest US Airports?

1. Atlanta International Airport (ATL). 2. O'Hare International Airport (ORD). 3. Los Angeles International (LAX). 4. Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). 5. Denver International (DEN

Top ten Busiest airports in India?

1-shivaji international airpot(mumbai) . 2-delhi airport(delhi) . 3-chennai airport(chennai) . 4-kolkata airport (kolkata) . 5-bangalore airport (bangalore) . 6-hyderab

Who are the top ten richest in the US?

RANK . NAME. NET WORTH ($BIL). AGE. RESIDENCE. SOURCE. 1 . William Henry Gates III. 53.0. 50. Medina, WA. Microsoft. 2 . Warren Edward Buffett. 46.0. 76. Omah

Busiest ambulance in the US?

Brentwood NY does over 6000 ems calls every year which is busier then the busiest city station. 1- Philidelphia PA 9,011 events M8 2- Baltimore City MD 8,063 events M7

What are the top ten busiest cargo airports in the US?

Memphis International Airport . Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport . Louisville International Airport . Miami International Airport . Los Angeles International Ai
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What is the use of a ambulance?

That depends on what type of ambulance you are talking about. Emergency Ambulance: most common type which provide care to people with an illness or injury. It can be road-goin
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Who are the Top Ten Allies of the US?

1. Russia 2. Israel 3. United Kingdom 4. Uzbekistan 5. Turkmenistan 6. Tajikistan 7. Kazakhstan 8. Kyrgyzstan 9. Azerbaijan 10. Turkey
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Who are the Top Ten Enemies of the US?

1. North Korea 2. Armenia 3. Iran 4. Syria 5. Venezuela 6. Laos 7. Vietnam 8. North Sudan 9. Zimbabwe 10. Belarus
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What are the top ten busiest cargo airports in the world?

Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong . Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee, UnitedStates . Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Pudong,