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She could sense the feeling of impending doom settling down upon the courtyard as the army rode closer.And you is so dumb
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What is impending recession?

recession means;In macroeconomics , a recession is a decline in a country's gross domestic product (GDP), or negative real economic growth , for two or more successive

What does impending mean?

Answer . soon to happen -- "impending doom" is misfortune that is, so to speak, just around the corner

How do you use impend in a sentence?

Change is impending, one always has to be prepared. Oh wait, that uses "impending", not "impend". Okay, somebody else use "impend" in a sentence for me; I don't know how.

What is impending motion?

I'm pretty sure it means the motion or movement that is going tohappen. So, if you apply force in a direction to a box, theimpending motion will be sliding or tipping in the d

What is electrical impendance?

Impedance ( Z ) is the vector sum of a circuit's resistance ( R ) and reactance ( X ), is expressed in ohms, and is the total opposition to current in an a.c. cir

What is a synonym for impending?

I don't think there is a synonym: forthcoming is not really a synonym as impending is generally only used of unpleasant or disastrous things about to happen .
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What strategies do you use to tackle your impending homework?

Complicated tasks are more easily tackled by breaking them down into components. Making a game out of everything in life will serve you well in this world, and doing homework