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Haryana is famous for its
culture (Dressing and tradition),
Food (Milk, Butter,Dahi, Veg. Food like Roti),
History (Shri Krishan gave his massege here in Kurukshetra, HR)
Study (Asia's Largest Univeristies in field of Agriculture),
Industory ( India's Largest Industory in field of Automobiles)
Sports (Kabbadi is famous sports from Haryana, most of the Olympics medilists are from Haryana)
Healthly and powerful generation
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Where is haryana?

Haryana is a state in north India, bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, and Rajasthan to the west and south.

What is the religion of haryana?

There is nothing called as religion of Haryana. But, most of the population in the state are of Hindus. Few northern districts have Sikhs. South-East region (Mewat, Palwal and

Is delhi in haryana?

No, Delhi is Saperste state like Haryana. boundary of Delhi touchesHaryana. But they both are saperate states.

Where is haryana located?

Haryana is located in northern part of India. It has Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh in its North, Rajasthan in South-West and South and Uttar Pradesh in east. It cove
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What is the famous dish of haryana?

Famous food of Haryana is the same as punjabi food. Panjabi food is misunderstood of present Punjab state. Actually panjabi food belongs to Greater Punjab. And Haryana was als
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Is any university famous among the youth in haryana?

It is suggested to take admission in that college/university which is most popular in providing good education and has better infrastructure facilities and hence you should no