What Saturday jobs can a 15 year old boy get with out a national insurance number?

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hi i need a job for me im 14 years old and i would like to have a saturday job game keeping
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Where can a 15-year-old boy find a job?

When You Turn 14 can work at: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station. . You generally may

Can a 15 year old girl get a Saturday job in beauty or hair?

it's not impossible for a 15 year old to get a job in a beauty salon, however you will have to prove that you are willing to learn and do all the bad jobs first, i know this b

Can a 15 year old girl have a Saturday job in her area?

That all depends on where it is that you live. Unfortunately, there aren't many jobs available for 15 year olds. Your best bet is to try fast food (such as McDonnalds or Burge

Saturday job for 15 year olds in Coventry?

Hello my name is steph and i live in coventry, I am15 years old and im looking for a after school and weekend job for abit of chash I am a hard worker and very mature for my a