What US battleship was nicknamed Old Ironside?

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The heavy Frigate, USS Constitition, is known as 'Old Ironsides'.
the British 100 gun, 1st rate, ship of the line, HMS Britannia was also nicknamed Old Ironsides. HMS Britannia underwent a number of name changes and was also called: HMS Princess Royal, HMS St George and HMS Barfleur.
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What is Old Ironsides?

Old Ironsides is the nickname of the American Frigate USS Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat. She earned the name during the battle with the HMS

Why was she nicknamed Old Ironsides?

The ship USS Constitution got the nickname Old Ironsides becausethe ship had iron plating in the hull. The ship was used during theCivil War.

What is the use of the ship in Oliver Wendell Holmes poem Old Ironsides?

I don't remember this poem but "Old Ironsides" was the sailor's name of the USS Constitution, which was a war ship made after the American Revolution in 1790's. It is still a

What president's nickname was old ironside?

Thomas Jefferson ANS2: Bah! Jefferson did not have the nickname of 'Old Ironside'. In fact, none of the US presidents had that nickname. The USS Constitution had that nick