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What age can a woman draw social security if her husband is deceased?

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My sister-in-law was told she can start drawing from my brother's social security when she turns 60 years old.
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At what age can a woman draw Social Security?

There is no gender discrimination for Social Security benefits. If you or a spouse have earned the 40 required work credits, you can begin drawing Social Security benefits at

Can you draw your deceased husband's Social Security at age 60?

Yes, a widow or widower can draw reduced survivors' benefits at age 60. In order to receive the full amount, you would have to wait until full retirement age (65 for people bo

Does your ex-husband have to be deceased in order to draw from his Social Security even though he is remarried?

No. You are eligible to draw retirement benefits against a living ex-spouse's work record if you are at least 62 years old, were married 10 years or more, are not currently ma

Can a wife draw on husbands Social Security if he died before age 62?

Not until she her self reaches age 60 unless she has children at home under age 18. There is always the possibilities she could draw Disability if unable to work. Some women g

Can you draw social security from your deceased father?

No. When he is gone so is the social security. You have to earn your own social security by working. He did that's why he had it.

Can you draw on your deceased Ex husbands Social Security?

Yes, if you were married for at least 10 yrs. you can draw your deceased ex-husband's social security, but there are some stipulations. If your ex-husband died at or after his

What do you need to draw your deceased ex husbands social security?

You will need his birth certificate, his social security card, his employment income prior to his death and his death certificate. You also will need to show proof of your mar

Can you draw social security for a deceased husband?

No. You need to report his death to Social Security. If you have been cashing the checks for a while, think about it. Reporting the death and dealing with it now is FAR better