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What ancient people invented the basic alphabet that's used by the US?

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The Western alphabets, including English, evolved thusly: Hieroglyphics > Phoenician > Greek > Latin
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What are some ancient greek inventions used today?

Objects: Streets, Cranes, early locks,  crossbow(argued chinese invented it first), gears, plumbing, winch,  wheelbarrows, showers, canal locks, an ancient version of the Su

What did people used before electricity was invented?

Electricity changed a lot of ways things were done. Almost anything done with electricity had an earlier counterpart. Lights were kerosene or candles. Cooling was with ice. Th

What did people use before compasses were invented?

They had other methods which were unreliable but they still worked if conditions were just right. They could use the sun and the stars and even the moon when it is half moon

What did ancient people use to measure time?

The sun they found that the shadow was long at sunrise and that it slowly grew shorter until it reached a point when it stared to lengthen again. by ajae.d <3