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Both C and C++ allow integer members to be stored into memory spaces smaller than the compiler would ordinarily allow. These space-saving structure members are called bit fields, and their width in bits can be explicitly declared. Gagandeep Singh Bitfields can only be declared inside a structure or a union, and allow you to specify some very small objects of a given number of bits in length. struct { /* field 4 bits wide */ unsigned field1 :4; /* * unnamed 3 bit field * unnamed fields allow for padding */ unsigned :3; /* * one-bit field * can only be 0 or -1 in two's complement! */ signed field2 :1; /* align next field on a storage unit */ unsigned :0; unsigned field3 :6; }full_of_fields; The main use of bitfields is either to allow tight packing of data or to be able to specify the fields within some externally produced data files.
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