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What are fruits and vegtables?

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Fruits are the edible parts of a plant that are produced from the flowers.
Vegetables are the edible parts of the plant that come from the leaves, stems or roots.

However, many of our vegetables are technically the fruits of their plants, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, squash and string beans. As foods, they are considered to be vegetables.
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Are tomatoes fruits or vegtables?

Tomatoes are fruits.   they are because they have seeds and all fruits have seeds.they dont grow on trees but they r still a fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not a veggie

Is a pumpkin a fruit or vegtable?

A pumpkin is a fruit because it grows from the flower of the plant and holds the seeds. The pumpkin is a squash, and all squash are fruits too.

Is a potato a fruit or a vegtable?

Potatoes are a vegetable, as they are not created by the fertilization of a flower. The potato plant will produce a fruit that resembles a small tomato, but it is not edible.

What is a vegtable and what is a fruit?

true Fruit is the result of a flower, with or without viable seeds. Vegetables are everything else - tubers, stalks... Herbs may or may not be included in both categories

Why are vegtables and fruits important to the body?

Answer#1 Because they contain essential (our bodies can't make them) compounds (vitamins, minerals and pytochemicals) that without, our cells would malfunction and die; our or

Is a fruit a vegtable?

No. Fruits and vegetables are different things. The two terms are generally considered to be mutually exclusive; one cannot be the other. Examples of fruits are apples, orang