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Key Competencies for Jobs Key competencies are things you are competent at that are key to the job you are applying for such as particular skills you may have or what skills you have that you think would be advantagious to the potential employer. Key competencies are the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed by everyone across a variety of life contexts. Specialist skills are needed to perform all tasks - for example, the ability to weave a basket, file a report, change a tyre or take a patient's temperature. Underpinning the content execution of these tasks is a range of other skills and abilities, sometimes referred to as generic skills. These might include communication skills, teamwork or management skills. It is the combination of these specialist and generic skills that results in a successful performance. For example, specific or technical competencies underpinned by higher levels of competence directly contribute to increased productivity through:
  • Improved performance
  • Increased ability to use and adapt existing skills to meet new demands
  • Increased ability to see, create and exploit new opportunities
Competencies are the techniques, skills, knowledge and characteristics that make a certain worker stand out over a regular worker with the same function or work category because of his performance. understand that competency is taking initiative and responsibility successfully when facing a situation at work, both at the level of the individual and group.
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