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What are some words associated with Christmas that start with the letter 'D'?

Deus -- the Greek word for God  * Deo -- Latin for God  * Dieu -- French for God  * Decorations -- with which you festoon your house during the season  * Dove -- the dove (MORE)

An Occupation starting with the letter D?

Doorman· Dance Director · Database Developer· Decal Decorator· Delivery Driver· Design Drafter· Diamond Dealer· Director of District Office· Discotheque Dancer (MORE)

What are some common nouns Start with the letter D?

· dad · daffodil · dagger · daiquiri · daisy · dam · dance · dandelion · dandruff · danger · dart · dashboard · databank · date · (MORE)

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What are some recipes from around the world?

Ireland. Apple Jelly.Ingrediants.5 lb/ 2 kg apples 12 whole cloves 4 pt/ 2 lr/ 8 cups water 4 lb/2 kg/ 8 cups sugarWash and quarter the apples. There is no need to peel or (MORE)

Which insects start with the letter D?

Daddy long-legs  * Dagger Moth  * Damselfly  * Dark Bush Cricket  * Dark Dagger Moth  * Darter Dragonfly  * Death's Head Hawk Moth  * Death-Watch Beetle  * Demoiselle (MORE)
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What are some words relating to Anatomy that start with the letter D?

Digestive system   Digits: fingers and toes   Dens: An upward protruding area of the axis vertebrae.   Distal: A directional term used in anatomy when the somthing is (MORE)

What is a volcano starting with the letter d?

Deception Island, in the Antarctic, is both an island and a volcano. It last erupted in 1987.Dona Juana, in Colombia, last erupted in 1907.Dempo is a volcano in Indonesia whic (MORE)

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