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What are some holidays around the world that start with the letter D?

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Do you believe women should consult with their partners before making the choice to freeze their eggs or do you believe this is a decision between a woman and her doctor?

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Who fired the shot that was heard around the world and started the American revolutionary war?

The "shot heard 'round the world" is a phrase that has come to represent several historical incidents. The line is originally from the opening stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson's (MORE)

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What are some recipes from around the world?

Ireland. Apple Jelly. Ingrediants. 5 lb/ 2 kg apples 12 whole cloves 4 pt/ 2 lr/ 8 cups water 4 lb/2 kg/ 8 cups sugar Wash and quarter the apples. There is no need to p (MORE)

Pictures of Holiday World in Indiana

Holiday World is an amusement park in Santa Claus, IN. Splashing Safari, a water park, is attached. Located in the southwestern section of the state, it is a popular tourist d (MORE)
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10 Most Bizarre Holidays Around the World

Everyone loves a good celebration, and will take any excuse to get down and party. And we mean ANY excuse, here a just a few of the odder holidays out there. This Bolivian hol (MORE)

Free Printouts for Stenciled Letters

These stenciled letters are a great resource for your next art project. Use the letters to customize your child's room, make wall decorations or create a unique lesson on the (MORE)
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Printable Calenders Featuring Public Holidays in Germany

If you are planning on doing business in the Euro zone, you need to know the important public German holidays. These links allow you to print out calendars for easy reference. (MORE)

Finding Sample Business Letters Online

In the world of business, you need to write letters regularly. Maybe you need to let someone know that an interview for a job at your company was successful, or maybe you need (MORE)

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What emotions start with the letter D?

People experience many different types of emotions. Certain  emotions that start with the letter d include depressed,  devastated, determined, disgusted, and distraught.

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When does the holiday season start?

The holiday season also know as the (Christmas season) starts from late November (shortly after Thanksgiving) to Early January (New Years) and includes numerous holiday, such (MORE)