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What are some negative health consequences associated with drinking alcohol?

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="h2headingh2"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="answer">Negative effects of habitual alcohol use on physical health can include: Liver problems that could eventually kill the person if the drinking continues, stomach problems, diabetes, aging 10 times faster than normal, high blood pressure, and gout. The occasional drink is fine and even getting "tipsy" at the odd party, but if one drinks on a daily basis then time catches up. While young it doesn't seem like a big deal, but hitting the peak of 40 and up, a person who drinks too much is really out of shape (bloating and flabby) and isn't attractive at all. Some men and women have a red face or nose from too much drinking.
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What are the health risks of drinking alcohol?

Answer . Drinking in moderation won't hurt most people. However for those that over indulge for several years it will cause a myriad of health issues such as possibly blee

Are alcoholic drinks really bad for your health?

In moderation, most people would say no. Some studies indicate a glass of wine every day helps lower blood pressure. The problem is, many people who drink, drink too often.

What health problems are associated with alcohol?

Alcohol drinkers are prone to many health problems. Some are minors that can be treated for a little period of time and some can be very dangerous. Alcohol can cause cancers,

What are the legal consequences of drinking alcohol?

If you are of legal age, there are no consequences for drinking alcohol. (Minors can be charged criminally of possession/consumption of alcohol.) However, various consequenc

What are some health consequences for drinking unsafe water?

The health effects of drinking unsafe water can range from nosymptoms to severe illness or even death. Some of the effects ofdrinking contaminated water may not be noticed for

What are the health disadvantages of drinking alcohol to students?

The disadvantages are exactly the same for everyone: . Addiction, and the implied financial and further health risks of that. . Liver damage from long-term or heavy use. .

What alcoholic drink is least harmful to your health?

The one you don't drink. Alcohol is what does the damage, so it's the amount of alcohol you take in -- regardless of the way you do it -- that matters in the long run. If a

What is five problems associated with drinking alcohol?

Accidents, policemen, judges, spouses and divorce lawyers are sometimes associated with the abuse of alcohol Two good things associated with the moderate consumption of alcoho

How does not drinking alcohol help your health?

Drinking alcohol in moderation is associated with better health and greater longevity than is abstaining from alcohol. It is abusing alcohol that is bad for health.
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What are the health effects of alcoholic drinks?

Alcohol has some very adverse consequences on the health of the human body. For one, the damage to the liver, over time, is exponential. The immediate dehydration of the human