What are some negative health consequences associated with drinking alcohol?

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="h2headingh2"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="answer">Negative effects of habitual alcohol use on physical health can include: Liver problems that could eventually kill the person if the drinking continues, stomach problems, diabetes, aging 10 times faster than normal, high blood pressure, and gout. The occasional drink is fine and even getting "tipsy" at the odd party, but if one drinks on a daily basis then time catches up. While young it doesn't seem like a big deal, but hitting the peak of 40 and up, a person who drinks too much is really out of shape (bloating and flabby) and isn't attractive at all. Some men and women have a red face or nose from too much drinking.
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What are the health risks of drinking alcohol?

Answer . Drinking in moderation won't hurt most people. However for those that over indulge for several years it will cause a myriad of health issues such as possibly bleeding ulcers, stomach trouble, liver and kidney problems. Relationship problems. No one enjoys a sloppy drunk!

What are some alcoholic drinks?

A - Alcopops B - Beer C - Champagne D - Drambuie E - Everclear F - Fenny G - Gin H - Heineken I - Ibwatu J - Jägermeister K - Kahlua L - Liqueur M - Moonshine N - Neutral Grain Spirit

Some health consequences of anorexia nervosa are?

Low body weight, frail bones, hair loss, heart problems, organ weakness, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, malnourishment, discolored nails, depression, dry / flaky skin, other organ problems / organ failure, and potential death.

What are some health benefits of alcohol?

You get liver and brain damage. You lose all your money and beg outside of asda for a few pennies, then people say f*** you get in bed then I'll pay you- P.S. SORRY FOR THE AIDS

What are some health consequences of anorexia nervosa?

Most of the health consequences will more than likely be mental, since Anorexia is a disease of the mind, that is shown through the physical side effects. You're teeth won't go bad from the stomach acid like when someone is bulimic and puking constantly, but you'll probably have last effects, like t (MORE)

What are the consequences of alcoholism?

Liver failure, which happens to be a miserable, painful way to die. Seizures. Alcohol withdrawal, which in my experience as a nurse has proven in my patients to be worse than heroin withdrawal.

What are some alcoholic drinks that start with A?

\n. \n\n. \nAbednego Shiraz \nAbsolut Vodka\nAlpha Pale Ale \nAmarula Cream\n \nAnnie's Lane Chardonnay\nAnnie's Lane Riesling \nAnnie's Lane Semillon \nAnnie's Lane Shiraz \nAnnie's Lane Cabernet Merlot \nAnnie's Lane Shiraz \nAnnie's Lane Copper Trail \nAperol\n \n \nArtemisia \nAsahi Sup (MORE)

What health problems are associated with alcohol?

Alcohol drinkers are prone to many health problems. Some are minors that can be treated for a little period of time and some can be very dangerous. Alcohol can cause cancers, cirrhosis of the liver, heart diseases, strokes, obesity and insomnia. It can also cause pregnancy problems for pregnant wome (MORE)

What are some moral and social consequences of using alcohol?

Alcoholism is a disease. Thus, its consequences can only be classed as "moral" issues by stretching the meaning of moral to its limits. Social consequences, however, such as alienation from family and friends, inability to conform to societal norms because of impairment and the urgencies of the a (MORE)

What are some health consequences of anorexia nervous?

Some health problems that anorexia can cause are…. Little to no body fat left, making a person more susceptible to the cold. Dry, flaky skin. Hair (on the head) loss, dullness, thinning, becoming more lank, loss of "shine". Hair (on the body) growth of thin, "peach-fuzz" hair called lanugo. (MORE)

What are some alcoholic drinks that begin with A?

Absinthe . Applejack . Apple Pucker . Amaretto . Ale, Absinthe, Absolut, Amaretto, Apple Cider, Apple brandy, Anisette, Applejack, Apricot brandy,. Absinth. Apple Martini. Absinth, Acid Trip, Adam & Eve, Airhead, African Lullabye

What are some reasons not to drink alcohol?

Being underage, being pregnant or trying to become pregnant, either preparing for or recovering from surgery, being an alcoholic who wants to quit, driving a vehicle or operating equipment, preparing to appear in court, etc.

If you hardly drink any alcohol will it affect your health?

Drinking in moderation is associated with better health and longer life than abstaining or abusing alcohol. For example, it reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attack by an average of 40%. That's important because heart disease the single major cause of death in Western societies. If you (MORE)

What are some health consequences you get being fat?

Being fat can generally be harmful. An obese persson can be susceptible to heart attacks,diabetes, cancer, fatal blocking of an artery, having fat accumulated in the liver, hernia and chronic renal failure(means your kidneys fail to work). These are some of the consequences of beinf fat or obese.

What are the legal consequences of drinking alcohol?

If you are of legal age, there are no consequences for drinking alcohol. (Minors can be charged criminally of possession/consumption of alcohol.) However, various consequences stem from improper or excessive consumption of alcohol, such as driving under the influence (DUI) or public intoxication.

If you drink a lot of alcohol and then just stop what are the health risk?

Alcohol withdrawal without medical help will result in some or all of the following: extreme anxiety, disorientation, hallucinations, sleep disorders, hand tremors, nausea, sweating, seizures, blood pressure spikes, and racing pulse. Delirium tremens (DTs -- physical and visual hallucinations accomp (MORE)

What are some health consequences for drinking unsafe water?

The health effects of drinking unsafe water can range from nosymptoms to severe illness or even death. Some of the effects ofdrinking contaminated water may not be noticed for many years.Nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, worms, hepatitis, typhoid andmany other illnesses can occur if we drink unsaf (MORE)

What are the health disadvantages of drinking alcohol to students?

The disadvantages are exactly the same for everyone: . Addiction, and the implied financial and further health risks of that. . Liver damage from long-term or heavy use. . Brain damage from long-term or heavy use. . Increased chance of injury by accidents. . Higher chance of events such as con (MORE)

What alcoholic drink is least harmful to your health?

The one you don't drink. Alcohol is what does the damage, so it's the amount of alcohol you take in -- regardless of the way you do it -- that matters in the long run. If a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy, her baby can be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), a lifelong condition that (MORE)

What are some health consequences of increasing air pollutipn?

Lung inflammation Impair lung function Minor Lung Illnesses - the common cold is the most familiar of these, with symptoms including sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, coughing and sometimes irritation of the eyes. Lung Infections - croup, bronchitis, and pneumonia are caused by viruses or b (MORE)

What are some of the consequences of alcohol?

There are numerous consequences, some short term and some long term. The short term consequences would be poor judgement, slowed reaction time, inability to drive as well as alcohol poisoning when consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time. As for long term consequences, drinking too much (MORE)

What are some legal consequences if you get caught with Alcohol?

It depends on what country and state your in and what age you are and what you are doing with alcohol. If you are in the USA and under 21 you get and MIP. This can but normally doesn't involve jail time. Probably fine+community service. If you are caught with an open container (any age) in a motor v (MORE)

What are the health effects of alcoholic drinks?

Alcohol has some very adverse consequences on the health of the human body. For one, the damage to the liver, over time, is exponential. The immediate dehydration of the human body after the consumption of alcohol can lead to health issues when used in excess. For the most part, the immediate effect (MORE)