What are some things about George Washington's childhood?

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George Washington grew up in farm houses. George Washington's father died when he was 11 years old.
Many babies and children didn't survive due to the lack of clean food and water, and they didn't have medicine to treat people.
George Washington may have attended a school near his farm. During that time, children in school learned how to read and write and a bit of math. Rich people have studied foreign languages like Greek, Latin, and French. They got a good education in order to get to college. During George Washington's time, there is also children that didn't go to school and their parents would teach them, or they become apprentices where the child lives with another family that can teach them.
For transportation, people enjoyed riding horses.
People got their news depending where they live. Williamsburg was a the biggest city in Virginia, and they had a newspaper. People that lived far from Williamsburg would get their information by letters.
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What was George Washington's childhood like?

His father was a large land-owner with many slaves. somoney was not a problem. However, his father was away on businessmuch of the time and died when George was 11, so he did

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George was the youngest of 8 children,Augustine Washington died when his son George Washington was 11 years old. This is just a myth but when Washington was 8 years old he

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His father was a small plantation owner in VA and Washington at the age of 12 tried to enlist as a ship's boy on a British ship. His mother pulled him off the ship. By 20 year
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I don't know if it was in his childhood but I had picked out the name "Cato" for later use because I had read that was Washington's hero. I do not know who he was.