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A high water bill or wet spots in the yard are often the first indications of a slab leak. You could even come home one day and find water coming up from under the slab floor of your home. This is clearly the most obvious symptom of a slab leak. Once you think you have a leak, you need to determine if you have a leak anywhere in your home this will not be as severe as a slab leak. Check to make sure that your faucets, toilets, showers, hoses, ice-makers etc are not using water. Once you have determined that nothing visible is leaking, look at the water meter. The leak Indicator is a small triangle or star on the face of the meter, and if it is moving, even slowly, you have a leak somewhere. If you turn of the shut-off valve (often near the ground in a closet or near the hot water heater) to close it, and the leak indicator stops, then the leak is on a supply line to a fixture in your home. The shut-off valve often appears to go nowhere. It comes out of the wall, an perhaps splits off prior to going straight back into the wall or slab floor. If the leak indicator does not stop when you close the shut-off valve, the leak is on the service line into your home, and may or may not be under your slab, but is definitely under the ground. Movement on the leak indicator usually means a good deal of water is leaking, and you should see water coming from a wall or perhaps out of the floor. If you have no visible water, and constant movement on the indicator, a slab leak is a good bet. A leak detection company can help you find it, and get it repaired. More information us available at our blog for slab leak detection. It has more information on how to find slab leaks, what are slab leaks, and how to pay for slab leaks.
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First, you need to determine if you have a leak anywhere in your home. Check to make sure that your faucets, toilets, showers, hoses, ice-makers etc are not using water. Once

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