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What are the 10 most important events of 2000?

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What were the 10 most important events in world history?

1. the invention of bubble gum. 2. The invention of gunpowder. 3. The invention of the printing press. 4. The development of written language by the Sumerians. 5. The co

What is the most important event that took place in the past 10 years?

  There have been many events that one could consider major in the last ten years but the biggest would probably be September 11 when the terrorists flew the planes into t

What are the 10 most important events of 1999?

January 1 - Euro is established.   February 11 - Pluto moves along its eccentric orbit further from the Sun than Neptune. It had been nearer than Neptune since 1979, and w

What are the 10 most important events in the civil war?

1. Decision to blockade the Southern ports (South couldn't trade its cotton) 2. Death of Sidney Johnston (rated as best General in the South) 3. Emancipation Proclamation (kee

Important events in 2000-2009?

9/11, saddan Hussein was caught, greenhouse gases, 1st black president, war in Iraq hurricane Katrina, columbine shooting, Virginia tech shooting, the octomom, same sex marria

What are some important events of the 2000s?

2000s events January 1, 2000 - People around the world celebrate the start of the year 2000. August 4, 2000 - Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother turns 100. September 15 - Octob

Important events in 1994-2000?

Important events from 1994 to 2000 were major league baseball  players go on strike and the US sends forces to the Persian Gulf.  O.J. Simpson was arrested for killing his w