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What are the Malaysia and the Philippines' differences in economy?

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Economically Malaysia is just a wee bit richer than the Philippines. Well that if you consider Malaysia's more than 400% higher GDP per capita (nominal) than Philippines' figure as "a wee bit". (trollface)
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Why did Malaysia stole sabah from the Philippines?

Because of the oil and money the malaysia goverment is so greedy.  Malaysia is currently profiting out of sabah which is part of the  philippines if I were the sabahan I wou

What are the advantage of mixed economy in Malaysia?

  Advantages are:   * People can make there own decisions   * The government has limited control which is good for structure   * Provides freedoms such as: Ente

'How does the Philippines sports affect the economy of the Philippines?

The Philippine sports are part of the Philippine Tourism. When  Philippine sports are known to other countries, this brings new  investors in the country and ultimately cont

What is the economy of Malaysia like?

Malaysia is a Newly Industrialized County (NIC). It's current GDP per capita is $14,400 (2007 est.). Malaysia is the 29th largest economy in the world by purchasing power pari

What is difference between Economy of the Philippines vs economy of japan?

This topic is an eye opener to all Filipino's who are not aware in our economy status. I recommend that we all have to participate and be an asset in our country. First we sh

Which is a better country Malaysia or Philippines. Why?

I think Philippines is Better... It's not the fact that I'm a Filipino but I find it way better than Malaysia. The Philippines' worse is it has an unstable government,polluti

What are the difference between Malaysia and Philippines?

The difference beetwen philippines and malaysia is that the  philippines does not steal from other country not like malaysia  which stole sabah from the philippines and mala

How is the economy in the Philippines?

  The economy of the Philippines is always changing, sometimes the economy is high, sometimes the economy is low. About the Global Crisis, the economy of the Philippines i

Why Malaysia use Mixed economy?

Malaysia uses a mixed economy so as to be able to incorporate both  private business and the government. This has proved to be more  effective for the country's economic gro