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What are the Malaysia and the Philippines' differences in economy?

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Economically Malaysia is just a wee bit richer than the Philippines. Well that if you consider Malaysia's more than 400% higher GDP per capita (nominal) than Philippines' figure as "a wee bit". (trollface)
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What kind of economy does Philippines have?

Based on the decriptions I've found of the Philippine's economic system, Im going to say that they currently are trying to move towards a mixed economy. "Strategies for stre

What is importance of agriculture to the Philippine economy?

Agriculture is important because it is the source of food (the  major component of household expenditure in the Philippines) for  the economy. Aside from that, it is the sou

What is the economy of Malaysia like?

Malaysia is a Newly Industrialized County (NIC). It's current GDP per capita is $14,400 (2007 est.). Malaysia is the 29th largest economy in the world by purchasing power pari

Why does some of the iranun tribe of the Philippines moved to Sabah Malaysia?

The existence of the Iranun in Sabah, Malaysia is one of the untold episode or history of the Iranun as Nation of the world, way back from the Uranen Kingdom of the prehistory

How many different races in Malaysia?

5 (malay, chinese , indian , punjabi , orang asli)

Factors affecting the economy in the Philippines?

There numerous factors that are affecting the economy in the  Philippines. Some of these factors include security,  infrastructure, politics, natural hazards, technology and

Reaction on the economy of the Philippines today?

Philippines - The EconomyPhilippines THE PHILIPPINE ECONOMY EXPERIENCED considerable difficulty in the 1980s. Real gross national product (GNP) grew at an annual average of on

How can you improve Philippine economy?

Improving the Philippine economy is contingent on industrialization  and privatization of those industries. Outside investment is  absolutely essential to this improvement.

How does globalization affect the Philippines economy?

This makes it possible to sell goods in many different areas. They  have more trade options and even more options for jobs.

What are effects of underground economy in the Philippines?

There is a positive and negative effect. POSITIVE:the business owners doesn't pay any tax bills.And obviously the NEGATIVE effect is that there are many goods and products t