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Although tropical cyclones can take an enormous toll on lives and personal property, they can also be important factors in the precipitation regimes of the places they affect and bring much-needed rain to otherwise-dry regions. Hurricanes in the eastern north Pacific sometimes supply moisture to the Southwestern United States and parts of western Mexico. Additionally, Japan receives over half of its rainfall from typhoons.
While tropical cyclones may well seriously damage settlement, total destruction encourages rebuilding. For example, the destruction wrought by Hurricane Camille on the Gulf coast spurred redevelopment, greatly increasing local property values.
From a nonhuman perspective, tropical cyclones are very important to the global climate system. Their primary purpose is to transport heat and moisture away from the equator, where there is a great imbalance due to the heating of the earth. Even after they have made landfall and weakened, often in the mid-latitudes, they continue to move poleward while transporting tremendous amounts of tropical moisture and latent heat. On a more local scale, tropical cyclones reshape the geology near the coast by eroding sand from the beach as well as offshore, rearranging coral, and changing dune configuration onshore. These changes are necessary for these dynamic systems to adapt and rejuvenate themselves.

 Perspective from a hurricane survivor:As a survivor of Andrew, Frances, Jeanne and Wilma directly, and having lost homes and vehicles (and all personal belongings in those) to these storms, I can say these few GOOD things about hurricanes:

  • They cool the weather in the area for a time
  • The seashell collection thrown to the shore is wonderful afterward
  • They give surfers something to do pre-storm
  • They prune the trees, removing dead branches and other debris
  • They bring families together both in preparing, riding it out, and cleaning up afterward
  • They bring communities together in helping each other rebuild after the descruction
  • They bring people outdoors to actually meet and talk with their neighbors -- whether or not you thought you had anything in common with them, after a storm, you do now
  • And they remind us that we are small in comparison to Nature and that we are no match for the fury that She can dish out.
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Do they have hurricanes?

It can get under zero in the winters, but in the summer it can get over 100 degrees. It is a variety and very satisfying.

What do you do in a hurricane?

you keep calm .   Seek shelter well in advance of the hurricane's arrival, preferably well away from the shore line.

After a hurricane?

the rescue team has to put effort into saving the people and rebuild the town

What is in a hurricane?

in the eye of the hurricane is perfectly nice and sunny,the windy part is the strongest winds but the same land just getting torn or damaged

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hurricanes are reaally strongg and powerfull storms that have the power to kill people, searchh hurricane Katrina on wikipedia for examples. they form on the ocean or in oth

Are there any benefits for a hurricane?

Yes. Hurricanes can bring rain to a region, which is helpful in times of drought. The rain can also help clear some pollutants from the air.

Why are they hurricanes?

There are two possible origins of the word "hurricane." According to one source, the word "Hurricane" is derived from the Spanish word "huracn", the origin of which is the Car

Are there any benefits to hurricanes or tropical storms?

Yes. Tropical cyclones (the generic term hurricanes, tropical storms, typhoons etc) produce large amounts of rain. This can bring relief to drought-stricken areas. The rain ca