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There are several causes of overpopulation:
  • People have a continuous fertility cycle, we can produce children all year unlike animals with a fixed breeding period
  • People eliminate natural causes of death from disease and hunger by medicine and agriculture
  • People are living longer
  • Infants are not dying in childbirth as frequently
  • The social pressure to have children is strong in almost every culture
  • Birth limiting programs (children by permit) are not in place and are frowned on by many cultures *
  • Birth control is not available in many cultures
  • At the same time as population is increasing resources to support the population are dwindling

Some of the main causes are:
· High birth rate
· No contraception
· Low infant mortality rate
· Children needed for work
· Children are a sign of virility
· Religion
· Migration
· Low death rate
· People live longer
· Lack of education
· Cultural influences
Most people want to have children, at some point in their lives, and they do not think about whether the nation or region or planet on which they live already has enough people or possibly too many people. They just think about their own personal lives, which, they believe (rightly or wrongly) would be enriched and made more fulfilled if they have children. And when enough people have enough children, the result is over population.
Whenever there is a baby boom, the population gets to very high levels.
When this becomes a problem because of food, over population occurs.
Lack of proper knowledge of birth control , ignorance and poverty.
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