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What are the dimensions of 1 yard of top soil?

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10" x 10" x 3'

A "Yard" refers to a cubic yard, which is 3'x3'x3'
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How much is 1 yard of soil?

27 cubic feet.. Answer . A yard of soil, or any bulk material is 1 cubic yard. For soil it is usually one bucketful at the landscape supply. It will typically cover a 12'

How many yards of top soil in a ton?

it would depend on the moisture content. calculated off the 40 pound bags you get at your local store it would be just under 1 cubic yard.

What are the dimensions of 1 yard of stone?

Stone can be measured in tons or yards. Actually yards refers to cubic yards. A cubic yard measures one yard by one yard by one yard (in feet, 3 x 3 x 3). When stone is in a p

Which weights more 1 cubic yard top soil or 1 ton top soil?

A cubic yard of topsoil, if compacted to get the air pockets out will weigh more than 1 tone. If the topsoil is loose, a cubic yard of it could weigh about 1 ton. A lot depend

How many feet is a yard of top soil?

If a contractor brings a truckload of topsoil to your property, hemight call it a 5-yard load, but he really means "5 cubic yards".Top soil, mulch, etc are measured by volume.