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Mature personality is a unique pattern of life emerging from the harmonious integration of several traits. All the cognitive, affective, conative and physical aspects are equally developed and balanced in a mature personality. A mature personality is well integrated, well balanced, stable and harmoniously adjusted to himself, to others and to outer world. It is characterised by co-ordination and consistency
Criteria for Mature Personality : Allport suggests six criteria of mature personality. They are:
1. Sense of self: A mature person possesses an extended self that allows him to transcend the self-centredness of childhood, and to identify with the concerns and problems of others.
2. Cordiality: The mature personality manifests a warm relationship with others, that allows him to love them for their own sake as well as for his own.
3. Emotional security : Ability to tolerate frustration and ability to withstand the problems and fears of daily life.
4. Recognition of outer reality: Mature personalities are realistic in their judgment of people and situations and they are in touch with the real world.
5. Self-objectification : It is the ability to evaluate himself without bias. A mature person is capable of looking at himself objectively. He has a sense of reality. He possesses self insight and his judgment of self is shared by others. The self-insight allows him to laugh at himself without loss of self-esteem.
6. A unifying philosophy of life : A mature personality has developed a sound philosophy of life that allows him to interpret life's purpose and to decide on long-term goals and on standards of behaviour.

Dr. N.K.Arjunan, Principal, Hill Valley College of Education for Women, Changampuzha Nagar.P.O., Thrikkakara, Kochi, Keral, India PIN 682 033.
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