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What are the general characteristics of Asian art?

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>Art Iis "cibcrete" in religion. All of the arts from sculpture,architecture,painting music to dance and theater have their sole theme focused on the life of gods: legendary heroes and mythical beings.
>Thai artist portray the people aim at serving and exalting ther faith.
>sculpture is a religious art.
>art depicts purification and self-control.
>dance is highly developed as an art "Bali Dance"
>noted for its pottery
>noted for its famous rugs and capets
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What are the characteristics of arts?

Characteristics of ARTS:. - born out of a CONTEXT. - has a CONCEPT in thoughts and emotions. - require Technical Approach. - motivated by LOVE.

What are the characteristics of Asian arts?

Asian Arts . We don't get much respect. In many Asian art festivals-be it for painting, sculpture, dance or theater-the Philippines is often unrepresented. They don't know wh

Characteristics of Asian art?

the characteristics of an Asian arts are: ceramics or pots/clay paintings songs/folk song dance sculpture that's all I remember^__^

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