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What are the ingredients of liverwurst?

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The ingredients of liverwurst are pork, pork liver, water, veal, beef, salt, dextrose, dehydrated onions, sugar, gelatin, flavoring, spices, and sodium nitrate.
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How long does deli liverwurst last?

Liverwurst should be okay 4 days if kept refrigerated.

How do you make liverwurst?

Liverwurst is one of the most popular of all the German sausages. A thick slice sandwiched between two slices of homemade bread with a slice of Bermuda or Vidalia onion, is wi

Is liverwurst healthy?

How to serve it?Liverwurst is high in protein and iron. Drawbacks are that it is also high in saturated fat and cholesterol. The key here I believe is moderation.

Do you like liverwurst?

Never tryed it but seems good i guess...

Can you make a sentence with the word liverwurst?

I need to buy some more liverwurst.   There is only a touch of liverwurst in the sandwich.   I don't like liverwurst.   Do you like liverwurst?   There is no l