What are the laws pretaining to antique firearms and felons?

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Antique Firearms as they pertain to Federal Law are any firearm manufactured before 1899 or any replica, whether or not they fire cartridges or are muzzle loaders. Antiques or muzzle loaders are outside the jurisdiction of the ATF and can be legally possessed by felons from a federal standpoint. It is important to note, however that every state has different laws in reference to firearms. For example, you could be convicted of a minor federal felony and possess a muzzle loading rifle and be free from federal prosecution, in the state of Wisconsin you could be subject to a state felon in possession charge, but in Missouri you'd be fine. If you have a felony conviction it's important to check your state laws specific to antiques and replicas if wish to hunt with or shoot black powder weapons.

Also note that, while an antique rifle or shotgun is not a firearm and not subject to regulation, to cut it down to a handgun constitutes "making a weapon from a rifle/shotgun," and violates the National Firearms Act. You may change barrels, stocks, etc, as long as the receiver or frame is original. Changing the type of weapon is illegal.

If you are a felon, please check with an attorney before attempting to have any kind of firearm.
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What are the federal regulations on possession of antique firearms by a convicted felon?

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