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What are the lyrics to Don't Call Me a ballad on Bawdy Songs And Backroom Ballads Volume 4 by Oscar Brand?

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Call out the members of the Queen's marine Call out the Kings artillery Call out me mother, my sister and me brother But for God's sakes, don't call me. Now, I don't want to be a soldier. I don't want to be a man of fires. (?) I just want to go down to old Soho Pinching all the girlies in the shoulder blades. I don't need no foreign women While London's full of girls I've never had. I just want to stay in Eng-a-land, Jolly, jolly Eng-a-land Following the footsteps of me dad. (Gor bli-me) Call out the members ----- Now, Monday night me hand was on her ankle. On Tuesday night my hand was on her knee. Wednesday night success, I lifted up her dress Thursday night I lifted up her silk chemise Friday night I got me hand upon it. Saturday night I give it just a twitch. Sunday after supper, I finally got it up 'er And now I'm paying seven bob a week. (Gor bli-me) Call out the members ----- Now, I don't want to join the Navy. I don't want to go to war. I just want to 'ang around Piccadilly Underground Livin' on the earnings of an 'igh class lady. I don't want a bullet in me backside And I don't want my knuckles shot away I want to stay in Eng-a-land Jolly, jolly Eng-a-land And fornicate my blooming life away. (Gor bli-me) Call out the members -----
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