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What are the oxidation numbers for CrO4-2?

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2- is the oxidation number.
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What is the oxidation number of Cr in Cr2O7 2?

+6 for Cr, -2 for each O in Cr2O72- oxidation number for oxygen is -2 so 7 of them makes -14 in total but the compound has an overall charge of 2- so therefore +12 is required

What is the oxidation number of sulphur in S2O8-2?

+6. Working this out is tricky. Not knowing the structure, and  assuming each oxygen was present as O2- you would have to say -7.  This is difficult to understand as S has o

What is the oxidation number of sulfur in s2o8 2?

+6 2x-12-2=-2 2x=12 x=6 This is because there are 1 peroxy bond in S2O82- because of which 2 of the 8 oxygen atoms have -1 oxidation state other 6 Oxygen atoms have -2

What is oxidation number of CR2O7-2?

Overall the anion has an oxidation number of -2, the same as its  charge. The Cr is +6 and the O are all -2.

Is -2 the oxidation number for Se?

In compounds such as H2Se yes it is, and the oxidation  number ofd -2 is well known. However there are many compounds where  Se has other oxidation numbers (Se is very simil