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What are the positive and negative effects of technology?

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The positive effects are personal properties. The negative effects are pollution and global warming.
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What is the positive and negative effect of technology?

The positive effect is that it accelerates what one person can do.(like a car =]) The negative effect is that that's not always a good thing and can sometimes hurt society. Wi

Positive and negative effects of technology on environment?

The positive effect of technology on the environment is that it has  made life a lot easier and effective through various types of  technology. The disadvantage of technolog

What are positive and negative effects of science and technology?

You can sum up both things in one word: Knowledge. Knowledge can either be good or bad, because there are some things that you would prefer to ignore, "ignorance is blessing

How can technology have positive and negative effects on society?

Technology can be very powerful and be used as a learning tool, a communication tool, a tool to help others and so much more. But, if technology is used constantly, real world

What are the positive and negative effects of technology in sport?

well since technology has arrived a lot of people spend most of their time by entertaining themselves by watching tv,playing video games,playing on the computer,listening to s

Are the effects of technology predominantly positive or negative?

It really depends on who you ask; It is positive by letting the world get connected in just a second where without it it would take days, weeks, months just to talk to the per

What are Positive and negative effects of advancement of science and technology?

Positive effects: The invention of medicines and therapies to treat previously-incurable diseases. Efficiency in transportation (public transport, high-fuel economy cars) and