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Some positive effects include that Industrialization provides jobs, money, and advancement.

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Q: What were some of the positive effects of industrialization?
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What were the positive and negative effects of industrialization between 1890 and 1920?

Positive effects- it created jobs, it created wealth, and it produced better living Negative effects- living conditions were bad, workers got seriously injured/killed, cities became crowded, and some countries tried imperialism

What were some positive effects of European imperialism?

One of the positive effects of European colonialism of Africa is that introduced efficient system of administration. They brought the industrial technology wit them which helped in the industrialization of many of the African countries.

Which effects did the industrialization have on the business process?

with industrialization ca

What effects did industrialization have on society?

Alot of effects

Bad effects of industrialization?

The positive economic and social results of industrial growth have been accomopained by serious environmemtal degradation.

What are the effects of industrialization on society now?

Industrialization helps to strenthen the economy.

What are the positive effects of gold mining in south Africa?

Industrialization: make South Africa to have many industries to support mining like for mecury, dynamite and cyanide

What were the negative effects of industrialization on Texas?


How do you prevent the ill effects of industrialization?

Check it out

What were the effects of domestic industrialization on Pakistan?


What were some of the positive effects of the Scientific Revolution?

well some effects of the scientific revolution was a unicorn c;

What were the positive and negative efects of imperialsim on EGypt?

Positive effects of imperialism in Egypt are the industrialization of the nation and better sanitation and education. Negative effects are the amount of money that had to be paid to the British and that the British brought new disease.