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What are the positive effects of technology?

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Positive effect of technology This website is a very good example of a positive effect of technology. Without computers or the internet, no one could get questions answered from all over the world.
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What are the positive effects of technology on education?

People can access pictures and documents from their homes even if they don't have the references in paper format. Presentations, classes, and meetings can be shown/held remote

What is the positive and negative effect of technology?

The positive effect is that it accelerates what one person can do.(like a car =]) The negative effect is that that's not always a good thing and can sometimes hurt society. Wi

What are the positive effects of modern technology?

Modern technology has changed the way many companies do business. Video and Web Conferencing for instance has helped companies remove geographical barriers and given them the

Positive effects technology has had on humans?

Some positive effects of technology has had on humans were some including new medical discoveries, sex changes, cancer preventing drugs, some lessening of the racism to the ga

What is the positive effect of technology in eduacation?

Depends on the view points of the educational system. Too often school districts try to do what fits with what has been taught in the past. I find that school districts have a

What is the positive effect on communication technology?

We have a positive effect on communication technology due to the increase in computers and cell phones in everyday households. Very few are unplugged, which means you get info