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What are the positive effects of technology?

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Positive effect of technology This website is a very good example of a positive effect of technology. Without computers or the internet, no one could get questions answered from all over the world.
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Positive effects of technology?

Short answer: Technology positively effects us by making tasks easier. Long answer: Technology can help people by: 1. Spreading information 2. Doing some things faster than

What are the positive and negative aspects of technology?

Some of the positive impacts of technology are that it has helped  bring about safer medical treatment. New research has brought about  better treatment for some diseases. O

What are the positive effects of technology on education?

People can access pictures and documents from their homes even if they don't have the references in paper format. Presentations, classes, and meetings can be shown/held remote

What are positive and negative effects of science and technology?

You can sum up both things in one word: Knowledge. Knowledge can either be good or bad, because there are some things that you would prefer to ignore, "ignorance is blessing

Positives about technology?

to the modern day technology has become more complex and advance. there are many positives actors associated with regards to technology. e.g. transport, this technological cre

What are the positive and negative of science and technology?

the positive thing about science and tech is that you learn new things that make life and other things more fun/ creative the negative thing is that it makes it more complex a

Effects of technology on national economy?

technology benefits and also create problems in an economy. technology used wisely will add growth and development to an economy and if used in an unwisely manner will decreas

What are the positive effects of technology on music?

One of the positive impacts of technology on music is that it  allows music to be heard by anyone in just one click. Also with  technology you can listen to music anywhere a
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What are the positive effects on technological extension of life?

ife extension is a controversial topic; many people oppose it due  to fear of overpopulation and effects on society. Religious people  are no more likely to oppose life exte